Feb 21st - 4 Square Epic Battle | SF FHE

14 February 2011

Feb 21st - 4 Square Epic Battle

Where: The Chapel (22nd and Lawton)
When: 7:30pm
What: We'll be battling it out for the Champion of 4 Square
Christian's winning words were; "It's all about the bare feet!" 


karli said...

I have a suggestion for a future FHE:

I've been in charge of creating an emergency action plan for my work, and it got me thinking that it would probably be a good idea (if we haven't already done it) to do an emergency preparedness FHE at least once a year. We could prepare 72 hour kits for our apartments, compile lists for numbers of people to contact in the ward, and receive some basic training on what to do in an emergency. I just know that I don't really have a definitely plan or adequate supplies at my apartment, and if a disaster were to strike, I think I would die. :)

SF FHE said...

Thanks for the suggestion Karli, that's a great idea, and we'll plan it in!