SF FHE: April 2011

28 April 2011

May 2nd - Board Game Tomfoolery

Where: The Chapel (22nd and Lawton)
When: 7:30pm
What: Bring your favorite board games, and we'll have tables set up to play away! Guaranteed I'll be at the "Blokus" table, unless there's a "Settlers of Catan", then I might be found there instead? 
Eating Chocolate raisins while playing encouraged for better performance. 

14 April 2011

06 April 2011

April 11th - Night Games

Where:  Julius Kahn Park (it's in the Presidio) tons of parking along the side, we'll meet at the picnic tables, then play our games on the flied. 
When: 7:30pm 
What: Night Games, enough said! (wear dark clothes if you don't want to be seen in the dark, wear bright ones if you don't want to be ran into by mistake, your choice!  

03 April 2011

Apr 4th- Cleaning the Chapel & Treats


Where: The Chapel (22nd and Lawton) 
When: 7:30pm 
What: It's our turn to clean the Chapel again, so get ready to clean some windows and vacuum a bit! But don't worry, as always we'll have some goodies to eat!