21 October 2012

October 22nd: Neighborhood FHE Groups

This week for FHE we will be having neighborhood FHE Groups and will not be meeting at the church.  We found a few hosts around the city.  You are free to choose who’s house you attend.  Below are the hosts and the recommended neighborhoods for each. 

Emily Foster's House (Sunset District)
1325 Kirkham St (between 17th and 18th)
This is recommended for people who live in the Sunset, Richmond, Presidio Districts.

Jessica Ellenburg’s House (Glen Park)
37 Joost Ave
This is a block away from 280 and a block away from Bart, so easy to get to from Downtown if you work late or live there.  This is recommended for people who live in Mission, Downtown, SOMA, Bearnal Heights, Noe Valley, and Potrero Hill.

Jordan Wight’s House (West Portal)
271 Kensington Way
This is recommended for people who live in Twin Peaks, St. Francis Wood, Haight Ashbury, Cole Valley West Portal, and the Castro.

14 October 2012

October 15th: FHE at the Bishop's House - bring your musical talents

We are in for a treat this week!  The Hansen's have opened up their home for FHE.  Meet at 7 pm at the church to carpool, or 7:30 at Bishop's house. If you are able to provide rides, please meet at the church first.

Where:  Sis. Hansen’s house
 120 Francisco St.
 El Granada , CA  94018
 Phones:  Bishop Hansen 650-519-3174; Sister Hansen 650-888-7434

Short Program:

Opening prayer will likely be 3 year old Andy McCallister, our grandson.  He won’t let anyone else pray.

Short Lesson:  Mason McCallister, age 8.  We think he is up for it.  He asks very good questions in his lessons, so be ready.

Activity:  Talent Show and Pillow Concert Sing-along
Bring your guitars and ukuleles or kazoos or Jew’s harps.  We think that Andy and Mason, their parents, and Sister Hansen will perform “Spooky Spat,” a Halloween song.  It is likely that we will all join is on some of the other hymns of the Restoration such as “Popcorn Poppin’ on the ApricotTree,” “Once There Was A Snowman” (all three verses), etc.  But, we also want to hear from everyone else who wants to contribute.  Bring a pillow to sit on.  

Closing prayer will likely be 3 year old Andy McCallister, our grandson (if he is still up). He won’t let anyone else pray.

This will be a blessing to gather together and have more fun.  Everyone is invited, including non-member or less active friends.

07 October 2012