Feb 14th- Valentines Day Pillow fight | SF FHE

08 February 2011

Feb 14th- Valentines Day Pillow fight

Where: Justin Herman Plaza (Market & Embarcadero), San Francisco, CA.
When: Monday, February 14th, When the Ferry Building clock strikes 6pm
What: Pillow Fight! So bring a pillow!
Meet at: Hyatt Regency @ 5:45pm, 5 Embarcadero Center

Tips on How to Survive:
  1. Always hold your pillow up by your head, for protection and rapid retaliation. Carrying down at your waist leaves you vulnerable to stray swings and you won’t be fast enough to strike back before you get hit again.
  2. Keep your mouth covered. Not closed, otherwise you won’t be able to scream “Attack!” at your unsuspecting target. But use a mask, scarf, bandana, anything, to keep from inhaling feathers.
  3. Don’t wear a hat, glasses, headband, or anything else on your face. They will get whacked right off, and if you’re wearing glasses, it will be painful. I stepped on at least a couple pairs of lost glasses, those poor people. They didn’t see that one coming, and they definitely weren’t able to see anything, period, after that.
  4. Stick and move. Stick. And. Move. A stationary stance almost guarantees being victimized by a group attack. If you see a good melee going on, whack your way inside, get off some good shots, and jump right out.
  5. If you find yourself being outnumbered, all you have to do is look for the nearest person with some sort of identifiable feature and turn the attention to them. For example, if one of the attackers is wearing pj’s, just yell “Get the guy in the pj’s!!!!” Watch as everyone magically turns their attention and gives that guy a beatdown. Bonus tip: You can just yell to attack anyone, anytime. Just walk around and yell “Get the guy with the big pillow!” or “Get the Power Ranger!” and watch as that unsuspecting person gets demolished in seconds. Just don’t get mad when someone calls you out, all’s fair in love and war.....Hopefully with these helpful tips, you’ll be looking like a seasoned vet next year, and walk away with less bruises and definitely less feathers in your mouth.